iLoan simplifies lending & leasing

Say goodbye to complicated loan and leasing processes with iLoan, a managed SaaS platform designed to automate and simplify your lending journeys with source data. With two cutting-edge solutions - iLoan Onboard and iLoan Contracts - you can streamline your origination process and manage contracts with ease, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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iLoan Onboard

Run your straight-through-processing (STP) application process.

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Makes applications a breeze.

Removing the need for filling out forms or document uploads, our white-label portal enables your prospects to apply for a loan or lease in 10 minutes. Prospects collect their government and bank source data using the Ockto app, receive an approval or rejection, and then sign the contract digitally to obtain their loan or car.

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Provides effortless underwriting.

Eliminate the time-consuming tasks that underwriters dread. Streamline your application process through aggregating data, performing due diligence checks, calculating affordability and scoring, and running hundreds of acceptance criteria: accepting and rejecting applications automatically.

Supported products

  • Personal Loans
  • Private Lease
  • Car Finance
  • Hire-purchase
  • Financial Lease
  • Operational Lease
  • Sustainability Loan
  • Self-Employed Loan
  • Business Loan (coming soon)
If you have another onboarding process that you wish to automate and simplify, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Integrate with your existing IT systems using our API for an end-to-end lending and leasing process. Our API also allows for partner integrations, such as with intermediary software, dealer software and inventory management systems. When used stand-alone, iLoan Onboard can be integrated with your core banking system. Our platform supports full data export using SFTP for integration with your data management software.

Test Automation

Our solutions are continuously tested to ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability, so they will work perfectly from onboarding to contract management. Our advanced test suite mirrors all source data and other API integrations to enable end-to-end testing. Our test automation covers every step of the process, so you can be sure that your entire workflow functions flawlessly.


Experience peace of mind with our platform, a digital fortress designed to provide best-in-class security. Personal data is securely encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption at rest. The codebase is automatically scanned for vulnerabilities using Snyk. Operational and security logs are monitored in realtime using Cloud SIEM. iLoan is ISO27001 certified by Kiwa, monitored by EYE security and crystal box audited by Secura.

iLoan Contracts

Manage contracts real-time and adjust them on the fly.

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(Self Service) Portal

Empowers customers to take control.

Enable your customers to manage their loan or lease. By offering comprehensive self-service options, your customers save time and effort while freeing up your support staff to focus on more complex queries. Whether your customers want to check their balance, make early redemptions, or make modifications due to life events, they can manage it themselves with ease.

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Harness the power of our core banking system.

Manage your loan and lease portfolio with ease using our powerful core banking system. iLoan Contracts offers automatic amortization scheme construction, payment processing, accounting entry creation and event-based workflows leveraging source data to manage life events, duty of care, and arrears - just to name a few features. All designed to help you manage your portfolio more effectively.

Supported products

  • Personal Loans
  • Car Finance
  • Hire-purchase
  • Sustainability Loan
  • Self-Employed Loan
  • Financial Lease
If you have another product or service for which you wish to simplify contracts management, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
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About iLoan

iLoan is the leading provider of lending and leasing solutions leveraging the power of source data. Our platform helps streamline lending and leasing processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. With over 25 years of combined experience on the intersection of finance and IT, iLoan is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of banks and financing companies. iLoan’s mission is to simplify and automate lending and leasing.

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